April 7, 2018

Two Year Home Anniversary

Two Years! Sometimes I feel like we just moved and then some days I feel like we've always been here. But April marks two years since we moved into this home.  You can read more about why we even considered moving here and see before pictures of our home here.

Two of the rooms, I participated in One Room Challenge to get those completed.  You can see our kitchen ORC makeover here and our office ORC makeover here.

The rest of this post are current pictures of where we are now with our home.


Study/Piano Room

Family Room


guest bedroom



Still a long list of projects for this home and we will slowly get to them.  But we love our location and neighborhood, and that makes me more happy then a new home with everything finished!

March 18, 2018

Latest Love

Spring break week has come and gone so quickly for us.  Grant and I both had to work most of the week, but we did find a couple of days to get away for a little beach time with the kids.  We've had some really nice warm sunny weather, and I'm loving the longer days of sunshine.

I posted this dress on IG a week ago and I've had lots of interest, so I thought I would share it here too.  It's one of those dresses that I actually walked passed initially, but really cute once I tried it on.  It's forgiving without being baggy and a great price.  You can find more fashion and home favorites here.

Have a great day!

March 6, 2018

Spring Fashion

sunglasses | phone case | handbag | dress | lip shine | sandals

Finally after a really rainy, gloomy February we have a beautiful 10 day forecast of sunshine and blue skies!  This time of the year is my absolute favorite here...everything is starting to bloom, the grass is turning green, birds are singing...love it!

With Spring Break just around the corner, I've rounded up a few cute Spring finds.